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China stamps


中国、美国、苏联及世界各国邮票 Many China, USA, USSR & Worldwide 

Postal Stamps from my 60 years Collection:


China Postal Stamps from Qing Dynasty 清朝; ROC (Republic of China) 中华民国, included ROC in the Mainland, Tibet Local stamps 西藏, ROC in Taiwan 台湾; PRC (People's Republic of China) 中华人民共和国, included Liberated Areas 解放区, Mainland after 1949 中国大陆, Hong Kong 香港 and Macao 澳门; Special Areas, included Commercial Ports 商埠, Foreign Postal stamps in China 外国在华邮局, Puppet regimes 伪政权. 

All genuine stamps of Mint, CTO (Canceled-to-Order), used, FDC (First Day Cover), special stamps, Souvenir Sheet (S.S., S/S), year stamp album, stamp booklet, and more. I have almost all but only one each for most in my stamps collection, some were sold out already and I will list all real photo pictures gradually on this website.

The China, USA, Soviet Union and other worldwide Stamps I list gradually in this website store are my personal collection for more than 60 years. All photo pictures are unique from the real stamps, NOT  a sample photo or copies from other sources and I sell it AS IT. Please check the photos and read the Descriptions in the section "Sell in this package and Stamp Grades" carefully before buying. Most stamps in my collection (more than 10 thousand stamps) have only one set or only one piece. They are guaranteed the Genuine in my knowledge from stamp collection of 60 years.

(Best Offer Available: Please Call or Text to 1-626-675-9908)

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C1-C30 Outdated Money hundreds Yuan 30 sets of 84 stamps 

C1-C30 Outdated Money hundreds Yuan 30 sets of 84 stamps 纪1至纪30 老纪百元旧币大全套 

Serial No.: C1-30  Years: 1949-1954  


Sell in this package and Stamp Grades: Lacking 9 stamps, C3NE sold separately, 2 x C8NE 3-1, most Mint, and a few of CTO or used, included one set of Original Edition (C9) and one set of Block of Four (C8NE) (see detail below). 老"纪"百元旧币大全套 共三十套84枚: 大全套93枚缺9枚, 其中C3NE 3-1, 3-2 价較高单列另售, 另C8NE 3-1 二枚重, 大多新票, 个别盖销或旧, 含一套原版票(C9)及一套四方连(C7NE).

Photo 1,  Photo 2Photo 3,  Photo 4,  Photo 5,  Photo 6,  Photo 7,  Photo 8Photo 9,  Photo 10,  Photo 11,  Photo 12.


Click for Detail. Best Offer Available (Call or Text to 1-626-675-9908)

W14 Nanjing Yangtze Bridge 2 Inscription Blocks of 20 with edges MNH

PR China stamps W14 Nanjing Yangtze Bridge MNH2  Inscription Blocks of 20 with edges & Factory Mark 文14 南京长江大桥 全新 二十直連与方連各一  带边或厂铭

Product Code:  W14 Sc#1001, 1004  Years: 1969 

Photo 1,  Photo 2,   Photo 3Photo 4, Photo 5, Photo 6;  Photo 7,  Photo 8,   Photo 9Photo 10, Photo 11, Photo 12.


Sell in this package and Stamp Grades: 2 partial sheets of 20 (4-1) 4f & 20 (4-4) 10f with edge and factory mark,  mint, never hinged, original gum in very good conditions; 40 stamps in total.

Qing Dynasty Qin.Pd.2 1 Used, Qin.Ord2 1 Used, Qin.Ord12 6 Used, Qin.Ord14 3 Mint + 7 Used

Qing Dynasty Pd.2 London Print 1ST Postage Due Issue 1 Used  清朝欠2. 伦敦版第一次欠资邮票 1旧票

Qing Dynasty Ord.2.2 SMALL DRAGON WITH CLEAN CUT PERFORATION 1 Used 小龙邮票——普2.2  小龙光齿 1旧票

Qing Dynasty Ord.12 Japan Print Coiling Dragon Issue 6 Used 清朝普12 日本版蟠龙邮票 6旧票 (前半套)

Qing Dynasty Ord.14 London Print Coiling Dragon Issue Unwatermarked 3 Mint + 7 Used 清朝普14.伦敦蟠龙邮票(无水印) 3 新票+7 旧票


Serial No.: Qin.Pd.2 Sc#? Years: 1904; Qin.Ord.2.2 Sc#14, 1888; Qin.Ord.12 Sc#86-91, 1897; Qin.Ord.14 Sc#110, 111, 112, 114, 116, 1901-1910.


Photos: Qin.Pd.2a,  Qin.Pd.2b;  Qin.Ord.2.2a,  Qin.Ord.2.2b;  

PhotosQin.Ord.12-1a,  Qin.Ord.12-1bQin.Ord.12-2a,  Qin.Ord.12-2bQin.Ord.12-3a Qin.Ord.12-3b

Qin.Ord.12-4a,  Qin.Ord.12-4b,Qin.Ord.12-5a,  Qin.Ord.12-5bQin.Ord.12-6a,  Qin.Ord.12-6b

PhotosQin.Ord.14-1a,  Qin.Ord.14-1bQin.Ord.14-2aQin.Ord.14-2bQin.Ord.14-3aQin.Ord.14-3bQin.Ord.14-4aQin.Ord.14-4bQin.Ord.14-5aQin.Ord.14-5b.


Sell in this package and Stamp GradesQin.Pd2 1 used of (8-6), original gum, hinged, average; Qin.Ord2.2 1 Used of (3-2), hinged, good; Qin.Ord.12 6 used (half set) of (12-1) to (12-6), average conditions; Qin.Ord.14 3 mint of (20-1) 1 & (20-12) 2 in Strip of Two, hinged, stains on the back, average; 7 used of (20-2) 2, (20-3) 4, (20-5) 1; 3 hinged & 4 never hinged in average condition; 3 mint & 15 old used stamps in total.

RO China Limited to Taiwan Use Stamps Tai.C1, Tai.C2, Tai.Ord.2, Tai.Ord.3, Tai.Ord.4, Tai.Ord.5, Tai.Ord.6, Tai.Ord.9, Tai.Ord.10, Tai.Ord.11, Tai.Ord.12

Republic of China (ROC) Post Stamps Limited to Local Use 中华民国邮政限地方贴用邮票
Taiwan 台湾

1946 Tai.C.1 National Assembly Issue Overprinted with “Restricted for Use in Taiwan Province” 台纪1 国民大会纪念加盖“限台湾省贴用”邮票  Serial No.: Tai.C.1; Sc# ?;  Years: 1946
1947 Tai.C.2 Chairman Chiang Kai-shek’s 60th Birthday Issue for Use in Taiwan 台纪2 蒋主席六秩寿辰纪念台湾贴用邮票  

Serial No.: Tai.C.2; Sc# ?;  Years: 1947
1946 Tai.Ord.2 Hong Kong Print Martyr Issue Overprinted with Restricted for Use in Taiwan” and Surcharged 台普2 香港版烈士像“限台湾贴用”改值邮票  Serial No.: Tai.Ord.2; Sc# ?;  Years: 1946
1946 Tai.Ord.3 3rd London Print Dr.Sun Yat-sen Issue Overprinted with Restricted for Use in Taiwan” and Surcharged 台普3 伦敦三版孙中山像“限台湾贴用”改值邮票  Serial No.: Tai.Ord.3; Sc# ?;  Years: 1946
1946 Tai.Ord.4 1st Shanghai Da Dong Print Dr.Sun Yat-sen Issue Overprinted with Restricted for Use in Taiwan” 台普4 上海大东一版孙中山像“限台湾贴用”改值邮票  Serial No.: Tai.Ord.4; Sc# ?;  Years: 1946

1947 Tai.Ord.5 Sun Yat-sen's Statue with  Crops 1st Edition Stamps "Restricted for Use in Taiwan" 台普5  孙中山像农作物一版“限台湾省贴用”邮票  Serial No.: Tai.Ord.5; Sc# ?;  Years: 1947
1948 Tai.Ord.6 Overprinted on Tai.Ord.5 Stamps"Restricted for Use in Taiwan" 台普6 孙中山像农作物一版“限台湾省贴用”改值邮票  Serial No.: Tai.Ord.6; Sc# ?;  Years: 1948
1948 Tai.Ord.9 Zhong Hua Print Dr.Sun Yat-sen Issue Overprinted with “Restricted for Use in Taiwan” and Surcharged 台普9 中华版孙中山像加盖“限台湾贴用”改值邮票  Serial No.: Tai.Ord.9; Sc# ?;  Years: 1948
1948 Tai.Ord.10 2nd and 3rd Shanghai Da Dong Print Dr.Sun Yat-sen Issue Overprinted with “Restricted for Use in Taiwan” and Surcharged 台普10 上海大东二版、三版孙中山像“限台湾贴用”改值邮票  Serial No.: Tai.Ord.10; Sc# ?;  Years: 1948
1948 Tai.Ord.11 Central and Central Trust Prints Dr.Sun Yat-sen Issue Overprinted with “Restricted for Use in Taiwan” and Surcharged 台普11  中央版中信版孙中山像加盖“限台湾贴用”改值邮票  Serial No.: Tai.Ord.11; Sc# ?;  Years: 1948
1948-1949 Tai.Ord.12 Baicheng Print Dr.Sun Yat-sen Issue Overprinted with “Restricted for Use in Taiwan” and Surcharged 台普12 百城版孙中山像“限台湾贴用”改值邮票  Serial No.: Tai.Ord.12; Sc# ?;  Years: 1948-1949


Tai.C.1.1a,  Tai.C.1.1bTai.C.1.2a,  Tai.C.1.2b,  Tai.C.2.1a,  Tai.C.2.1b,  Tai.C.2.2a,  Tai.C.2.2b,  Tai.C.2.3a,  Tai.C.2.3b,

Tai.Ord.2.1a,  Tai.Ord.2.1b,  Tai.Ord.2.2a,  Tai.Ord.2.2bTai.Ord.3a,  Tai.Ord.3bTai.Ord.4a,  Tai.Ord.4b,  Tai.Ord.5a,  Tai.Ord.5b,

 Tai.Ord.6a,  Tai.Ord.6bTai.Ord.9a,  Tai.Ord.9b,  Tai.Ord.10a,  Tai.Ord.10bTai.Ord.11a,  Tai.Ord.11b,  Tai.Ord.12a,  Tai.Ord.12b.


Sell in this package and Stamp Grades:  Tai.C1 4 sets of 4 Blocks of Four with edges, mint; Tai.C2 4 sets of 6 Blocks of Four with edges & factory mark, mint; Tai.Ord.2 1 set of 6 mint, plus 6 mint of (6-1), (6-2), (6-3), (6-4) & (6-6); Tai.Ord.3 1 mint (3-3); Tai.Ord.4 1 mint (11-2); Tai.Ord.5 3 used of (10-1), (10-4) & (10-6); Tai.Ord.6 1 used (8-4); Tai.Ord.9 1 mint (3-1); Tai.Ord.10 2 mint of (4-1) & (4-2); Tai.Ord.11 1 mint (3-1); Tai.Ord.12 2 mint (2-1); 60 mint and 4 used stamps in total.