Liberated area 解放区邮票

Liberated area 解放区邮票

Liberated area (before 1949) 解放区邮票

All genuine stamps of Mint, CTO (Canceled-to-Order), used, FDC (First Day Cover), special stamps, Souvenir Sheet (S.S., S/S), year stamp album, stamp booklet and more.

I have almost all but only one each for most in my stamps collection, some were sold out already and I will list them gradually (it takes time for many real photo pictures) on this website.

The China Liberated Areas Stamps of My List:
中南: J.ZN-7 (16-9) (SC#6L9); J.ZN-8 (9-4), (9-6), (9-8), (9-9) (SC#6L37, 40, 44); J.ZN-9 (9-3) (SC#6L50); J.ZN-10 (3-1) (SC#6L51), J.ZN-12 (6-4), (6-5), (6-6) (SC#6L43, 6L45, 6L46); J.ZN-39 (5-1) to (5-5) (SC#7L1 to 7L5);

西南: J.XN-1 (11-2), (11-3), (11-5) (SC#8L2, 8L3, 8L5); J.XN-2 (4-1), (4-3) (SC#8L17, 8L19); J.XN-5 (5-2), (5-4) (SC#8L26, 8L27); J.XN-45 (3-1) (SC#?);

西北: J.XB-3 (6-2) (SC#4L12); J.XB-6 (8-1), (8-4), (8-5) (SC#4L25, 4L27, 4L28); J.XB-7 (4-3) (SC#4L66); 

华北: J.HB-59 (8-5) (SC#3L27); J.HB-63 (12-1) (SC#3L60); J.HB-64 (7-1) (SC#3L82); J.HB-67 (7-1), (7-2) (SC#3L89, 3L90); J.HB-68 (4-2), (4-3), (4-4) (SC#3L97, 3L98, 3L99); 

华东: J.HD-1 (5-2) (SC#?); J.HD-46 (11-1) to (11-10) (SC#5L21 to 5L30); J.HD-47 (11-1)  to (11-9) (SC#5L10 to 5L18); J.HD-48 (11-1) to (11-10) (SC#5L32 to 5L41); J.HD-49 (9-1) to (9-8) (SC#5L60 to 5L67); J.HD-50 (8-1), (8-2), (8-3), (8-5), (8-7), (8-8) (SC#5L69, 5L70, 5L71, 5L73, 5L75, 5L76); J.HD-51 (5-1) to (5-5) (SC#5L77 to 5L81); J.HD-52 (9-3) to (9-9) (SC#5L84 to 5L90); J.HD-53 (5-3) to (5-5) (SC#5L93 to 5L95); J.HD-80 (2-1), (2-2) (SC#5L43, 5L44); 

东北: J.DB-32 (4-2), (4-2)a (SC#1L2, 1L2a); J.DB-33 (4-2) (SC#1L6); J.DB-34 (4-1) (SC#1L9); J.DB-41 (7-3) (SC#1L32); J.DB-40 (10-2), (10-6), (10-8), (10-9), (10-10) (SC#1L59, 1L63, 1L65, 1L66, 1L67); J.DB-53 (3-3) (SC#1L80); J.DB-55 (4-1), (4-2) (SC#?); J.DB-57 (2-2) (SC#?); J.DB-62 (6-4), (6-5), (6-6) (SC#1L103, 1L104, 1L105); J.DB-63 (4-3), (4-4) (SC#1L113, 1L114); J.DB-(5-1) to (5-5) (SC#1L106 to 1L110); J.DB-65 (3-1) to (3-3) (SC#1L115 to 1L117); J.DB-66 (3-1), (3-2) (SC#1L118, 1L119); J.DB-67 (1-1) (SC#125); J.DB-68 (7-3), (7-5), (7-6), (7-7) (SC#1L128, 1L130, 1L131, 1L132); 

Note: The China, USA, Soviet Union and other worldwide Stamps I list gradually in this website store are my personal collection for more than 50 years. All photo pictures are unique from the real stamps, NOT  a sample photo or copies from other sources and I sell it AS IT. Please check the photos and read the Descriptions in section "Sell in this package and Stamp Grades" careful before buying. Most stamps in my collection have only one set or only one piece. They are guaranteed the Genuine in my knowledge from stamp collection of 50+ years. I do NOT accept return because there is no way to identify the returned just as my items.

Welcome to Made Offer for Your Prices (Text to or 1-626-675-9908). I may accept an offer usually 10-30% lower than the Scott or market value (please note that there two are often different).

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