Introduce China Stamps

Information for China Stamp Collection

(The Scott China Stamp Catalogues)

1. Qing Dynasty 清朝
2. R. O. C. (Republic of China) 中华民国

 (1) R. O. C. --Mainland 中华民国大陆

 (2) R. O. C. --Tibet Local 中华民国西藏地方

 (3) R. O. C. --Taiwan 中华民国台湾
3. Foreign Treaty Ports, Foreign Post Offices in China, Manchuria and Other Puppet Governments 商埠、外国在华邮局、满州国及其他伪政权
4. Liberated area (before 1949) 解放区 
5. P. R. C. (People's Republic of China) 中华人民共和国

 (1) Commemorate (C): 1949-1967 "纪"字

 (2) Special (S): 1951-1966 "特"字

 (3) Culture Revolution (W & Numbered Stamps): 1966-1973 文革 ("文"字及编号邮票)

 (4) J prefix "J" 字头

 (5) T prefix "T" 字头

 (6) Regular Mail Stamps (Parcel, Air Mail, Value-added stamps) 普通 (包裹、航空、加字改值邮票

 (7) Military Stamps 军人贴用

 (8) depreciable stamp 欠资邮票

 (9) Stamps by Year 年份编号邮票

 (10) Souvenir Sheets 小型张

6. Hong Kong and Macao 香港澳门


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